medicare plan support refer with confidence

HUB Referral Program

As your HUB Medicare Referral Partner, we look forward to serving your clients with their Medicare Plan needs. To receive credit and meet Medicare compliance guidelines, the following two simple steps are needed.

Step One (Agent Responsibility):

Provide Client, Agent and Agency information via online form. This crucial step ensures proper credit if a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement sale is made.

Step Two (Client Responsibility)

Client must call 855-203-9559. Client must initiate the call to meet Compliance Guidelines (our team cannot make an outbound call to them). Please provide the individual you’re referring with this important telephone number!

By completing the form above, I understand that I may be publically humiliated in front of 100 of the finest looking opposite sex/gender type. I get no recourse, but I will have fun. This is a solicitation for insurance.