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Where to start?

When it comes to Medicare, we realize each person may have a different level of knowledge and understanding.

Our licensed professional agents are available to guide you and will happily answer your questions.

Until we speak, below is some basic information that will assist you in getting started with Medicare.

If you are new to Medicare and do not know where to begin:

Today, the average American lives to be 79 years old! Although this is great news, the financial responsibility for Medicare (and the government) is in the hundreds of billions each year. Although Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does cover many of your Medicare costs, the reality is most beneficiaries spend their own money to pay a portion of their Medicare expenses. Fortunately, there are numerous options to help reduce your out-of-pocket costs!

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If you are familiar with Medicare and need more information:

The amount of information you receive regarding all your Medicare options can make your head spin! Even the most informed person has questions about the requirements, his/her rights, coverage and costs!

Depending on your age and circumstances, you may be in the process of obtaining Medicare for the first time or perhaps you just want to ensure you are informed on the updates to your current plan. Regardless of your reasons knowledge level, our licensed agents are ready and waiting to explain your options and/or review your current Medicare plan. As always, there is no obligation to enroll or cost to use our services.

If you are on a Medicare plan and want to be sure it is the right plan for you:

There are a lot of ways to compare plan options! is one option for Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug comparisons; or you could read the pounds of mail you receive and try to decipher it by yourself. Why do-it-yourself when you could talk to a professional insurance agent? Health-e-options agents are licensed, certified and experienced in reviewing your needs against your current plan. We are brokers; and that means we represent numerous carriers and plans. This is an advantage for you as the consumer because we can offer you more than one option. 

It doesn’t matter to us which plan you choose; and if we determine together that you are already on the right plan, then you don’t have to do anything – just stay exactly where you are! The best part is our advice and services do not cost you a thing and there is no obligation to enroll!

If you want to learn about Medicare for a family member:

More and more people under 65 are learning about Medicare because they want to help their parents, grandparents, spouses, friends, etc. Even if your family/friends are perfectly capable of making their own decisions, there may come a day you want to be involved. Our philosophy is that it is NEVER TOO SOON to learn about Medicare options.

We applaud you on your fact-finding mission and are happy to aid you and/or your friend/family member.